Brooklyn Theatre Index

An Illustrated 3 volume history of borough theatres

by Cezar Del Valle


Staff at the Theatre Historical Society enjoying some light reading.

The first two volumes chosen 2010 Outstanding Book of the Year by the Theatre Historical Society of America. Final volume published 2014.

Currently editing/updating Theatre Index Volume I, third and final edition.

“An amazing achievement”
–Ron Magliozzi, Assistant Curator, Dept. of Film, Museum of Modern Art

“We have a wonderful collector of theatre history named Cezar Del Valle, who has collected more Brooklyn theatre information than probably anyone else around and has written two wonderful books.”
—Montrose Morris, Brownstoner Blog

“Comprehensive, accurate and useful, The Brooklyn Theatre Index series is a valuable addition to any serious theatre historian’s library.”
–Karen Colizzi Noonan, President, Theatre Historical Society of America

“Good news for theatre lovers (especially those in the New York area). Recently published in 2010 is the definite appraisal of all movie theatres to have operated in Brooklyn, a borough known to have had the most theatres operating out of the five boroughs.”
–Ken Roe, Editor, Cinema Treasures

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