High Jinks at the Empire

Empire Theatre, Leicester Square
circa 1908

Empire_pe (Large)

Excerpts from “Some London Notes”
The Lone Hand Magazine
April 1, 1908

“For ten years Mademoiselle Adeline Genee has been the premiere danseuse in the ballet at the Empire Theare, Leicester Square. That theatre is one of two (the Alhambra is the other) where the ballet is the staple entertainment.”

Adeline Genee

“…we had her [Genee] evoking all the dashing jollity of the hunting-field in her famous hunting dance from ‘High Jinks'”


Crowdfunding Research

The Cinema Theatre Association (CTA) have asked me to speak at their monthly meeting in London. March 28th, 2020. This is my first overseas talk. It will add to my reputation as a theatre historian.
I have started a GoFundMe campaign to extend my stay, conducting research and visiting historic theatres.
Research will be used for future talks, essays, articles, etc. The theatres visited recorded and shared on social media.
Funds collected will go directly to travel within the UK, accommodations, food and everyday expenses.


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