Manring Theater Cumberland Avenue and 21st Street, Middlesboro, KY 40965

manringFrom back of postcard:

“Located at the western end of Cumberland Gap where Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky meet, and a national park is being established here. This view is looking east, with the Pinnacle Mountain in the distance.”

1956 Double Feature:

Teen Age Rebel

“A grown-up picture for grown-up emotions!  ”

Stagecoach to Fury


Postcard is part of the Theatre Talks Collection, please ask permission to copy and/or use.
At least give credit to source. We know that some people will not honor this but it would be nice of they did.


Cezar Del Valle is the author of the Brooklyn Theatre Index, a three-volume history of borough theatres. The first two chosen 2010 OUTSTANDING BOOK OF THE YEAR by the Theatre Historical Society.  Final volume published in September 2014.

He is available for theatre talks and walks in 2015: historical societies, libraries, senior centers, etc.

Now selling “vintage” on Etsy.



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